TEAL CIC Wins Equestrian Business Awards Winner 2023!

Wow what can we say, we’re in total shock as we WON the diversity category at the Equestrian Business Awards this evening!
We felt totally honored for have made it to the finalist list so to win was unexpected!
Would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that supports us and our horses.
A huge thanks to our parents Tom & Sharon as without them changing their whole Living situation we wouldn’t have our current set up, to our whole family, our brother Tom who has always been so supportive from building barns/stables/sandschools, to our sister who manages our website and is a tech wizard.
To all our super amazing clients past and present, we’re so proud of all your achievements.
A special thank you to my heart horse Artie who now runs free he was the one that started this journey when we helped Tiffany find her voice all those year ago.
To Tiffany who is an inspiration to so many and who is a great work college and an asset to our team.
To Reiki with Karen, Enhance Bodyworks our Super farrier Rob who have all worked with giving our horses the very best care, support & treatment for many years now.
There so many more of you we need to thank for being you.
We’re so grateful for everyone words of support, the messages and calls!
Fair to say was shaking so much the awards speech wasn’t the best lol 😂
Well done to the fellow diversity finalist Hooves For Healing Boys Ride Too Magazine Team Tutsham you all do amazing work that makes a difference to people lives and it was great to meet so many amazing equestrians this evening.
Well done to every equestrian business out there making a change and promoting inclusions such as APHS London Counties Horse Show for offering SEND showing classes and thankyou for supporting us with your shows.
Thankyou to Pony Passion for supporting us with your waffles your an amazing brand!!
Thankyou Kate for putting on such an amazing evening for everyone.
What’s a great way to end 2023!
Loads of love
Team Teal xxx