The residents of Birling House, enjoy attending TEAL!
A typical time spent with TEAL……..

As we drive around the corner we can hear Ben neighing his greeting. The residents then get excited knowing that they have arrived.  The residents all have huge smiles, knowing that Pudding is going to come out and say hello, if the weather is nice they enjoy taking her for a walk in the country, all being the ones that can lead her first. Then it is time to go back to the stables for grooming and painting Jigsaw, she is so good that sometimes she likes to rest her head on Marys neck to sleep! All the while Ben is trying to see around the corner and wondering why we haven’t been to say hello yet.  Soon it is time to go into the stables to have a scratch and a cuddle with Breeze and Ben, before we sadly have to leave.All of the residents of Birling house are excited and the horses are a calming influence on the residents who all enjoy talking to the horses, grooming and petting them, all of the horses are so gentle even the mighty Big Ben, who just wants a scratch of the nose! They enjoy giving them carrots and Mary enjoyed going for a ride when Jigsaw pulled her along in her wheelchair, laughing so hard that she didn’t want to let go of the carrot. 
It is so refreshing and makes our job worthwhile seeing Lucy and Lisa and the horses interacting with the residents, catching up and cuddling the horses we just do not want to leave and look forward to the next visit.  It is an amazing place to visit for the residents, the staff, the horses and Lucy and Lisa who do an amazing job.  This is not just a place to visit, TEAL is a place for the residents to visit their friends, because that is what Lucy, Lisa and the horses have become our favourite friends.

Seeing the horses started out with Luna so excited then when we got out of the car and went to walk into the stables she said ‘no go inside’ and ‘toilet’ (she doesn’t need the toilet it’s her way of letting me know she is very anxious and wants to leave a situation … Now!) (Luna has severe end autism, sensory issues, severe anxiety and other issues) the ladies brought pudding out of the stables and at first Luna wouldn’t look at her or go near her … Mummy decided to stroke pudding which in turn made Luna step closer to her (to get to me!) then we were shown the brushes and the rest as they say … Is history! 😍 brilliant set up, lovely ladies who run it and beautiful, kind animals. We have already booked in for more visits! I can’t believe Luna touched Pudding and then kissed and cuddled her ❤️
​To Lisa & Lucy,
Since Jack has come to Teal for Therapeutic Equine Assisted Learning he has found new pals in the horses and ponies, But our Jack’s new big friend is the lovely sweet gentle old soft pony Pudding. She looks and listens out for Jack, Pudding has made Jacks approach to all animals large and small so much fun and Jack now stokes and cuddles pudding and she loves Jack and protects him. Our son is severely disabled with autism and epilepsy but the whole time at TEAL gives him fun and Lucy and Lisa are totally understand autistic young people, best wishes Bob & Sue Wiles.
Thank you for being so incredibly awsome. I felt really down and un…sure today before our session. You were so gentle, non judging and reassuring that I had the confidence to work with Jig who is also so amazingly caring and looked after me through the whole time. THANK YOU X 😀
THANK YOU. I really can’t put in to words how much I enjoyed my raffle prize session. I was sceptical before I arrived but even in the short time I was with you I felt completely at easy. (A rare feeling recently). You made me feel worth something and that I was not stupid. I will DEF find a way to have more sessions with you. A really big THANK YOU. XXX
Macie had a great day with the horses, its the only place she is voc…al and confident. She loves the horses, mucking out and leading them around. Was lovely to see them all looking so well and great to see the new addition  x
A very special thank you to Lisa,Lucy and Tiffany for making our time at TEAL today really super! The children absolutely loved grooming Pudding the horse and they found it very soothing as she is soooo soft and gentle! Ben the horse has become a firm favourite with my son,Joshua and Breeze and Jigsaw are so good too! Euan thoroughly enjoyed feeling the horse’s mane and running his fingers through it! Amber adored brushing the horses and being creative with the decorations! The patience that the horses have with my children is amazing as well as Lucy and Lisa who showed great understanding towards my children and are very patient! Thanks sooo much for letting us come round as you really made my children’s day!
Try horse therapy. My son was diagnosed at 3. He was aggressive, meltdowns galore. Then I read a book one day about autism & horse therapy. Horse therapy did wonders for my son!! Within a few weeks there was a big change in him. I am happy to say that he is now 14, he talks, is social, has many friends & is an honor roll student. Don’t let the diagnosis scare you. I did in the very beginning then found therapies that worked & found things that triggered his behavior. The horses were a gift & a blessing! Highly recommend them!!
Thank you Lucy and Lisa for showing elliot the horses this morning. He did not stop talking about it the whole way home  iv never heard the names Lucy Lisa Ben jigsaw and pudding oh and grass lol so many times in one sentence lol happy happy 2/3 year old  xx
Massive thankyou to you and not forgetting the horses especially Ben which my son bonded with. Great experience. So much knowledge given and told in a way my son and daughter understood (even I learnt some things). Thanks again and we hope to see you soon xx
Luna and Pudding were feeling the love tonight, little Luna has come in leaps and bounds, lovely to see them interact so kind and gentle, a firm friendship here, pudding is such a super star pony she tends to bring the best out of everyone she meets
Lucy’s first session at Therapeutic Equine Assisted Learning, lovely to see a glimpse of our happy girl. Thank you Lisa & Lucy, hopefully see you next time if she let’s Mummy bring her, Daddy’s girl through & through!!xx
So so proud of my son and huge thanks to Therapeutic Equine Assisted Learning his confidence is growing xx