TEAL CIC Educational CPD certificated courses  

TEAL CIC has developed and written 4 educational courses to help our learners gain the skills they need to work or volunteer within the equine industry. 

Our courses have been developed with the learner in mind, they are focused with hands on practical learning.

Educational course discounts are available for TEAL CIC CPD course students who have attended our level 1 course. For each additional course attended a 10% discount will be applied

Level 1 CPD basic horse care and stable management course; 
This course is designed for clients who have little or no experience with horses, it covers 9 modules, this course is designed to give learners the basic skills in horse care and stable management, this is a practical based course with a small amount of written work. 
This is a 24 week course, 2hrs a week spend at TEAL CIC, 1hr a week home learning.  
£1344 per student*
Level 2 CPD Grooms course; 
This is much more in-depth course, designed to prepare our learners for a working/volunteering role within the equine industry.
This course covers multiple modules 
This course is a practical and written course full of hands on opportunity’s with the horses. 
You will learn how to manage a team of staff at a stables. 
Work in a time frame. 
Foot and shoeing. 
Equine dietary requirements, how to manage them and develop a feeding programme. 
Designing ans understanding worming programmes. 
How to lunge and long reining horses for exercise. 
First Aid for horses. 
And much more! 
This is a 24 week course, 4hrs a week spent at TEAL CIC and an additional 3hrs work to be done in your own time. To attend this course you must have a good level of experience with horses or have attended the TEAL CIC level 1 course. 
£2688 per Student
Level 3 CPD advanced equine ground work exercise course. 
This course have been developed as a follow on from our level 2 course. 
It is to help learner delve in deeper into the benefits of ground work exercise for equine such as lunging ans long reigning. 
It cover 6 modules. 
You will learn how different exercises be if it different equines. Why certain exercises are used. 
How training methods have developed and changed over time. 
You will develop your own training programs ans exercises. 
This course is a practical course with written work also, over learning your stable management skills, gaining new skills like pole work exercises, using training aids and more.
This is a 10 week course, 4hrs per week at TEAL CIC and 2hrs per week home learning.
£1128 per student
Level 4 CPD Positive equine relationships and training.
This course is for anyone who wishes to learn how to have a positive relationship and to train positively with thier horse. 
This is a though provoking course to really get you thinking outside the box.  
This course can be done at TEAL CIC or at home with your own equine and online support from TEAL CIC. 
This course covers 10 modules
 Ground work training 
What’s in it for the horse
Training methods 
Positives and negatives in equines different jobs/roles
Positives and negatives 
10 ideas 1 problem 
Wild horses / natural instincts 
What are positives and negatives?
You and yourself 
This is a 16 week course 4 hrs per week on site at TEAL CIC or at with your own horses, with an additional 2 hours hone learning.
£1792 per student – At Teal
Or Distance Learning Package Including Email Support & 1 Hour Video or Call per Week £672